Word to PDF: Why You Should Convert Word Documents to PDF

Word to PDF Summary

We all are familiar with the basics of Microsoft Word, and certainly, you might have already used it for at least once in your life whether in school, at work, or in university. Microsoft Word is truly one of the most famous word processors used today. But if you can view files as they are on the software, why would you want to convert your Word documents to PDF?

Word to PDF

PDFs have been around for quite some time now, and as the world takes a step closer to being paperless, we should know why PDFs are one of the most utilized file formats in today’s digital world. This article aims to give you insightful reasons why you should use PDFs instead of Word documents. There are so many advantages that the PDF offers which Word documents do not.

Easy Access

You can easily access and open your PDF files with any software, hardware, or operating system. One might say that it is easier to edit files using MS Word, but if a user opens a Word document on Mac, then an issue may arise whenever you open it on a different operating system. You are guaranteed that you will experience compatibility issues whenever you access them on a different operating system than what you originally used.

PDF files appear the same regardless of the operating system. A quick search on Google will give you many ways to convert Word to PDF in just a matter of seconds. With many users transitioning their operations to smartphones or tablets, you must not be left behind. PDF was designed and created for documents that can effortlessly be shared and accepted through different platforms, making it independent of any application.

Now you know the first reason why PDFs are much better compared to Word documents, there’s no need for you to look for a PDF to Word converter anymore, right? PDF files are just much more convenient to use.

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Can’t be Tampered

Since PDF files are “read-only” types of files, a person without the proper tools will find it difficult to alter anything found on the file, which makes forgery of the content quite difficult. It is also impossible for anyone to edit or alter the PDF file without leaving a traceable digital footprint, which meets legal admissibility requirements. This is the reason why PDF files are accepted in court.


You should convert Word to PDF because PDF files can easily be password protected with any PDF tools found on the internet. Since document privacy is important whenever you share your files or data over the internet, PDF files usually need high protection and security levels.

These files usually contain some sensitive information that is only exclusive to the users’ eyes. Users can simply limit the access of other people to these documents by password-protecting them. Password-protecting your PDF files give them protection from any malicious activity with an added layer of security. With this, you can guarantee that the information present in the file is only accessible by those who know the correct password.

Preserved Visual Elements

One amazing thing about PDF files is that they are flexible enough to maintain all visual elements such as graphics, fonts, texts, or images that you have placed before you convert them into a different file format. In comparison to Word documents, you would be required to reformat everything whenever you access it on a different device.

Another example is that you would still need to reformat some changes done to your document whenever you use the same computer but a different printer. The formatting you spent your effort and time on will be lost. One way to avoid that is to convert your Word documents to PDF.

Interactive Documents

PDF files are known to be an interactive type of document. A user can embed videos, music files, hyperlinks, and other features on the document, giving your colleagues the ability to post notes or comments about your file. You can do all of these through the use of a PDF software suite.

Reduced File Sizes

You can convert various file formats into PDF even if they hold high-resolution images. The PDF versions of these files are much more storage-friendly, and they can easily be kept on the company’s servers or website. Various PDF tools offer file compression or merging numerous PDF files into a single PDF file, making this file format a more practical approach.


Now that you know why PDF is more preferable than a Word document, the next thing you should do is bookmark your go-to PDF converter tool on your browser. One search on the Internet will yield hundreds of these tools, which makes it even easier to convert Word to PDF.

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