Top 10 Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

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Technological advances have made our lives much easier. From transport to information to life expectancy, there is nothing that is left untouched by technology. There are a million things that have made our living experience a luxurious one. We have incorporated practical gadgets and gizmos into our daily lives to make our existence a much smoother one. 

Each generation is constantly improving upon the technological advances put forward by the previous generation. Technology is permeating into our mundane lives, revolutionizing the very way we live. Mundane tasks like cleaning, cooking, listening to music are all changing thanks to cool gadgets. 

Top 10 Gadgets We Can Incorporate in Our Lives to Feel Easy

Gadgets and gizmos have become a part of our lives. We are gradually moving from the basic technological devices to more sophisticated instruments. Virtual assistants help you manipulate your house’s electricity and other functions. A Bluetooth tracker helps you find things that are lost daily, like keys, wallets, TV remote and so on.

Without further ado, here are the top ten gadgets to make your life easier:

  • WiFi Range Extender

A WiFi router is a lifesaver. It offers you a smooth and active connection to the internet. However, even with a top-notch wifi router, the connection range might not extend as much as you would like for it. Despite a strong network, the connection may not reach certain rooms or floors once you move away from the device. This becomes an issue unless you purchase a WiFi range extender. As the name suggests, the machine helps your WiFi connection extend beyond the limits set by your router. It is an excellent addition to your home 

  • Bluetooth Tracker

A Bluetooth tracker helps you locate your essentials that seem to get lost the moment you need them. If you are looking for the best bluetooth trackerin the market, look for one that comes with features that will help you track your essentials, keep your emergency contacts informed of your location during an emergency, and allows you to click selfies. Here are some key features that you can look out for:

  1. At least 100 feet distance coverage
  2. Community Find Feature
  3. SOS Alert
  4. Selfie Camera Control
  5. Replaceable battery
  6. Alarm volume of about 90 dB 

With such magnificent features of a phone finder, you won’t have to go on looking for your phones/keys and such. 

  1. Multi-purpose Phone Case

A boring old phone case doesn’t cut it anymore. You need one that has multiple functions apart from protecting your phone. You can look for a phone case that also acts as a Swiss Army Knife with 22 tools. The phone cover protects your phone from external damage. You can use the tools for a variety of purposes, including camping trips and emergencies. 

  • Wireless Charging Surface

It is most agonizing when you are in the middle of using your phone and it shuts off. Why? Oh, because the battery is dead. And if you don’t have a charging port, you have to sit cold turkey until you get access to a charger. However, with a wireless charging pad, you can charge your device anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a charging port to operate the pad. Simply place your phone on the mechanism, and charge it up without any wires. 

  • Smart Slow Cooker

A smart slow cooker is perfect for your kitchen. You can control the device with the help of your virtual assistant (VA) on your phone. You can control every aspect of the cooker via the VA – start, stop, temperature control, and more. 

  • Smart Electric Kettle

A programmable electric kettle is a marvelous addition to your kitchen tools. The kettle is a “smart” kettle in the sense that you control all aspects of the device. You can set the temperature, cool down or heat up beverages, use it for features like a French press, etc. 

  • Waterproof Speakers

Do you like listening to music in the shower? Or perhaps you love to sing along when you are taking a bath. Bringing your phone along may not be the smartest idea – it may fall into the water or the humidity may play havoc on your device. Therefore, waterproof speakers are your best bet. These speakers are specially designed to be splash-proof. 

  • Fridge pad for Devices

Say you want to follow an online recipe. So you stand your phone or tab against the wall to visually follow the steps in real-time. However, the moment you do so, your device falls with a thud. This happens enough times to make you give up the entire affair. However, with a fridgepad, you needn’t worry about your device. You can stick the device against the magnetic pad and stick it against the fridge. You won’t have to worry about your tab or phone while you watch the screen and cook. 

  • Touchscreen Gloves

The winter months make for an agonizing time for your extremities. Therefore, gloves come to your rescue. Gloves are an excellent way to protect yourself from touching any infected or unsuitable surfaces. However, this protective gear is cumbersome when you need to access your phone or tablet. The material is not conducive to accessing the screen. Therefore, you should get your hands on a pair of touchscreen gloves. These gloves let you operate touchscreens without any obstacle. Touchscreen gloves make for a great gift for the festive season. 

  •  Remote Control Mop

If you don’t like the Herculean task of cleaning your rooms, you can look to technology for help. A remote-controlled mop is a game-changer where you can clean floors with a flick of your fingers. A battery-operated device controls the special mop remotely. The mop moves in the direction you want and cleans up the designated area. 

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