Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys List – Every Windows User Should Know

Excel Shortcut Keys Summary:

There’s no denying that shortcuts make our lives more comfortable, and if you are a Microsoft Excel user, you can refer to our material to learn some of the significant shortcuts. You might be surprised to read about these varieties of Excel Shortcut Keys, and while we do not expect you to learn all of them. But, it is always good to have a list that is simply a glance away. Go through these tips, as we list some of the essential Microsoft Excel shortcuts for Windows to make your task easier.

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excel shortcut keys

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys:

Before you continue, note that the list is pretty lengthy, but it is by no means a whole list consisting of all the Microsoft Excel shortcuts. However, we have hand-picked out some of the most helpful shortcuts, and we expect this would be worth your time.

  1. Ctrl + A: To choose all the contents in a workbook.
  2. Ctrl + B: To turn highlighted cells as bold.
  3. Ctrl + C: To copy the highlighted cells.
  4. Ctrl + D: To fill the chosen cells with the cell’s content presented above.
  5. Ctrl + F: To explore for anything in an Excel workbook.
  6. Ctrl + G: To jump to a particular field with a single command.
  7. Ctrl + H: To find & replace the cell contents.
  8. Ctrl + I: To italicize cell contents.
  9. Ctrl + K: To insert an Internal link/hyperlink in a cell.
  10. Ctrl + L: To open the table dialog box.
  11. Ctrl + N: To create a new excel workbook.
  12. Ctrl + O: To open a saved excel workbook.
  13. Ctrl + P: To print a particular excel workbook.
  14. Ctrl + R: To fill the specific cell with the cell’s content on the left.
  15. Ctrl + S: To save a created workbook.
  16. Ctrl + U: To underline the highlighted cells.
  17. Ctrl + V: To paste any copied cell.
  18. Ctrl + W: To close your current excel workbook.
  19. Ctrl + Z: To undo the last operation.
  20. Ctrl + 0: To hide a selected column.
  21. Ctrl + 1: To format the cell contents.
  22. Ctrl + 5: To put a strike-through in a cell.
  23. Ctrl + 8: To display the outline symbols.
  24. Ctrl + 9: To hide a row in the sheet.
  25. Alt + H: Opens the Home tab in Ribbon.
  26. Alt + N: To Open to the Insert tab in Ribbon.
  27. Alt + P: To open the Page Layout tab in Ribbon.
  28. Alt + M: To open the Formulas tab in Ribbon.
  29. Alt + A: To open the Data tab in Ribbon.
  30. Alt + R: To open the Review tab in Ribbon.
  31. Alt + W: To open the View tab in Ribbon.
  32. Alt + Y: To go to the Help tab in Ribbon.
  33. Alt + Q: To instantly jump to search.
  34. Ctrl + Shift + :: To enter the current time in a cell.
  35. Ctrl + ;: To enter the present date in a cell.
  36. Ctrl +/-: To add or delete rows or columns.
  37. Ctrl + Shift + =: To insert columns & rows.
  38. Ctrl + Shift + $: Can be applied for currency formatting.
  39. Ctrl + Shift + #: Can be applied for date formatting.
  40. Ctrl + Shift + %: Can be applied for percentage formatting.
  41. Ctrl + Shift + &: To place borders around the selected cells.
  42. Ctrl + Shift + _: Used to remove a border.
  43. Ctrl + Spacebar: To choose an entire column.
  44. Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar: To choose an entire workbook.
  45. Ctrl + Shift + Tab: To switch to the previous excel workbook.

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