How to Fix ROBLOX Error Code 267 – The Simplest Solution

Roblox, also known as the imagination platform, which was started in 2007 as a multi-player gaming platform where one can play multiple types of 3D games created by distinct users of the platform moreover you can design your games. The platform is expected to have 178 Million accounts.

Fix ROBLOX Error Code 267

The users, still complain of a usual problem on this platform where they are thrown out from a game all the time they wanted to play it. If you are encountering the same issue, there is nothing to worry about as this query can be easily solved with a few simple steps.

What is Roblox Error Code 267?

The error is observed when the user/visitor is kicked out of the game practicing a script including admin commands. Illegal inclusion of the script by game developer commences to this error. Roblox kicks out from the gamer whenever suspicious action is detected.

There may be many other reasons for which the error occurs. Roblox displays the main cause of an error when kicking out the gamer.

Common reasons for this error are:

  • Firewall blocking the game.
  • An empty/corrupted game where the developer did not establish any element in the map.
  • Idle bandwidth of internet

Remarkable Steps to Fix ROBLOX Error Code 267

1. Use Google Chrome as Your default browser

Chrome is a globally trusted browser and is a good option to avoid getting error 267. Outdated web browsers will create faulty errors while launching Roblox. Consider using an updated version of the browser.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

The first word in the error message states disconnected which means poor internet connectivity. Assure to check your internet connection to know the establishment of the network.

Always clear the cache before the beginning of Roblox. Otherwise, it might deliver outdated results. In some cases, the game may not realize the internet, so fix that.

You can use a wired-cable to examine if the internet is working or not. If the internet is not a problem, then go for other fixes.

3. Reset Your Browser Settings

This method is simple moreover solves the error 267 efficiently. You can do the below-mentioned tips to reset the browser settings:

  • Launch the browser, preferably, Google Chrome.
  • A gear icon is presented on the page, click on it
  • Next, go to Internet options
  • Click on Advanced options
  • Select the Reset option.
  • Close the web browser
  • Launch that game again in Roblox

4. Disable the ad-blockers in Browsers

The simplest solution is to use Chrome extensions to remove the ads. The ad-blockers are irritating & can interrupt the loading of a game. So before you start any game on Roblox, make sure that you disable those ad-blockers. This will evade the error 267 messages from occurring.

5. Verification of Security settings of the web browser

To launch Roblox, the security setting of your default web browser should give permission. This is an easy step that can help to avoid the error codes.

6. Firewall /Antivirus Disabling

Disabling the other third-party antivirus software or Windows firewall is a simple way but it should be down only when the other mild fixes mentioned above are incapable to fix the error 267. 

Steps to disable the firewall on Laptop/Windows are:

  • Open control panel.
  • Go to Systems & Security, then select Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Turn off the firewall.
  • Two option with Red Cross Mark requires to be toggled.
  • Click ok.
  • Try running the game once again.

7. Re-install the Roblox app

This is something that can be performed when none of the above fixes work. Uninstall the game & reinstall it following the same steps that were observed initially.

The errors are customarily fixed in Roblox updates. Hence, re-installing the application may get the latest updates along with the bugs fixed. Error 267 may be restricted this way.

8. Port forwarding

The ports used by Roblox may change depending on the Operating system you are using. So, make sure the correct ports are open or do forwarding the port so that the game is capable to connect.


An obvious error faced by Roblox creators & gamers. But luckily there are several steps to fix this error which are pretty easy & can be done by anyone with minimum technical knowledge. Hopefully, the solutions in this content prove useful to solve the problem.

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