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OCR, also known as optical character recognition, is how you can digitally convert text from an image or a scanned pdf file. The two main purposes of using the OCR technique are storing the text from a file and then using it in another format/source. 

Manually converting text from an image is a common method, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Suppose you want a free and effortless conversion technique. In that case, you can easily use the online image to text converter tools available on the internet.

Free OCR tools that you should try in 2021!

There are more than a dozen OCR tools on the internet, but we have shortlisted the easiest to use one’s for you!

Image to text converter by SearchEngineReports

The image to text converter by searchenginereports.net is one of the easiest to use tools you can try out in 2021. SearchEngineReports is an extremely popular platform that provides hundreds of free seo tools. The image to text converter is also one out of hundreds of free services you can use without any restrictions. You have to open this free image to text converter on your browser, upload the images in the image box, and click on the ‘convert to text’ button. 

You will get the text converted in less than a few seconds. This tool is an online service to easily upload content from dropbox and paste the URL of an image published online. The image converter is easy to use, and you can shoot it without any expertise. Another good thing about this tool is that it works in dozens of different languages.

Read Iris

This online tool allows you to convert images to text and aggregate, split, edit, and annotate them. Read iris is known as the best global solution to convert images and scanned files to text.  The OCR feature of this tool makes the conversion process easier and simpler, plus more accurate. This image’s main feature to text converters is that it simply preserves the original format and style of the text in the converted format. The pros of this image to text converter are that it can easily create new text files based on images that you can modify and sign files. The only known con of this tool is that it cannot scan business cards.

Read iris works in more than 130 languages, which is why it is known worldwide.

Image to text converter by SmallSeoTools

SmallSeoTools is a popular platform that provides 100% free and reliable services. The image to text converter tool powered by the OCR technology is one of the best free services offered by this website. You don’t need any expertise to run this tool on your device, and you have to open it on your browser and enter the images in the tool’s upload box. You can get images from your local storage, dropbox, google drive, and even enter the URL of the image published online. The conversion process hardly takes less than ten seconds. You can make an infinite number of conversions with this online ocr tool. If you need error-free conversions of images to word or txt format, then you have to try this program.

Adobe Acrobat PRO

This is another platform that can be used for free conversion of images to text. This tool also has the OCR feature by default, which makes the conversion easier and accurate. The image to text conversion feature of Adobe has integrations with over 200 languages. You can easily select one of them while converting an image to text. This would help you improve the conversion quality, especially when you are not familiar with the language and want to convert it into your local one. Adobe converts the images immediately after insertion, making it a perfect option for archiving.

Wondershare element pro

This is a complete website/page that can help you edit, sign, convert, and even read pdf files. You must know that this website can easily cater to all sorts of images, including JPEG, PNG, and even pdf files. The converter tool is extremely easy to use, and the OCR services make the conversion more accurate. The conversion’s output quality is perfect, which is why we would suggest you guys use this website. This image to text converting website has various features which makes it a special one. Some of them are:

  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It can recognize text in all sorts of images and languages.
  • You can easily copy specific text from an image/pdf file and convert it with this tool.

We would suggest you try out either of these images to text converter tools if you want to increase your productivity and get rid of all the expenses and efforts wasted in manual conversions. You should try these website tools before they put a price tag on them!

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